People are the most important part of the company

AIG Global FM is an inspirational place to work, whether you are located in one of the regional offices or on site at a client location. Our employees are the secret to our success.

People work with us on a long term basis

We recruit trustworthy ‘can doers’ providing them with continuous training and development to allow them to achieve their full potential. Your success is our highest calling that is why our staff retention rate is 96%. Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. We promise to look after our staff because they are at the forefront of our business. We believe that the happier our staff are, the more productive they will be. The infectious positive effect helps strengthen our business making us even more successful.

We embrace new people and new ideas

We are always looking for people to bring new ideas to our company, people willing to try new things and embrace our new technology so that we can continue to grow. If this sounds like you please contact our recruitment team or call 08006893096.  

We are trusted by numerous clients